Friday, June 9, 2017

Last Connection Blog

 Lately our topic in Philosophy with the absence of Mr. Wickersham has been “designer children” and practically the meaning of life. When speaking on “designer children” we (as a class) specified this as picking the traits of your child which is something that doesn't sit quite well with me. In my class blog I spoke about how one of the most beautiful things to experience in life is watching a child, that you gave birth to, grow up and develop their own personality and identity for themselves. When you pick the traits of your child, it's almost as if you're not necessarily giving them a chance to be them; even if they don't know who exactly they are yet. Plus, as someone mentioned in class, a parent can go through all this trouble to make their child look a certain way physically...only for that child to dye their hair or wear contacts in life, now “designing your child” has become meaningless and cost the parent some serious coins. From the lecture we watched, the speaker mentioned that it's in human nature to want to be in control of everything, thus that's more so why this topic even came to be. Now does this mean that when people are in control of their life or the things that happen in their life that they have more of a purpose or a more meaningful life? In Examined Life, one speaker explained that our life has no meaning until we find it while another said we have meaning in life but it's bigger than us. Now, naturally I agree with both because another person can't judge the worth of someone’s life. For example, if I wear the same necklace every day because my mom gave it to me, and that's why it's meaningful to me, who's to tell me that my necklace is meaningless? I create my own joy and define what makes my life meaningful--not someone else. On the flip side, I am religious and I do believe that God has a plan for our lives which is why I understand that maybe the meaning He has planned for my life is “complex” because it's greater than I am.

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